Remarks of the Spokesperson of the Chinese Embassy on Canada Not Sending Diplomatic Representation to the Beijing Olympic and Paralympic Games

2021-12-08 18:41

On December 8th, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau falsely claimed that there are “human rights violations by the Chinese government”, and announced, based on this groundless accusation, that Canada will not be sending any diplomatic representation to Beijing Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games. The Chinese side expresses its strong dissatisfaction and firm opposition to this, and has lodged stern representations with the Canadian side.

Based on ideological biases as well as lies and rumors, Canada and a handful of western countries have been flagrantly engaged in political maneuvering, with the attempt to disrupt the smooth progress of Beijing Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games. Their clumsy performance can hardly find any support and is doomed to fail.

The Canadian side stands on the opposite side of the truth and facts. The Chinese people are in the best position to judge how China’s human situation is. Now, China's human rights situation is at its historical best, a fact that is recognized by all those without bias. Canada, by contrast, has committed heinous crimes against indigenous people. Until today, systematic racial discrimination is still severe in Canada. Canada is simply not qualified to be “a human rights preacher” and is certainly in no position to judge China on this front.

The Canadian side stands on the opposite side of the Olympic spirit. Canada held both Olympic Summer Games and Olympic Winter Games before, and should know the nature of Olympic spirit very well. However, what the Canadian side has done gravely violates the principle of political neutrality enshrined in the Olympic Charter, runs counter to the Olympic motto of “together”, and is a typical politicization of sports. The Canadian side’s hyping up not sending diplomatic representation to the Beijing Olympic and Paralympic Games without even being invited to the Games is a pure self entertainment.

The Canadian side stands on the opposite side of the trend of the times. Today in the 21st century, peace, development and win-win cooperation is the trend of the times and the shared aspiration of all countries. Clinging to Cold-War mentality and ideological prejudice, Canada and a handful of western countries interfere in the internal affairs of other countries under the pretext of human rights in an attempt to disrupt and contain their development process. This is firmly opposed not only by the Chinese people, but also by all people that love peace and uphold justice in the world. 

I would like to stress that the Beijing Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games is a gathering for all winter sports athletes and lovers around the world. It is them that should be in the spotlight. The preparation work of the Beijing Winter Olympics has entered the home stretch. The international community, including the IOC, highly recognizes the preparation work. Foreign athletes are looking forward to coming to China for the Games. We firmly believe that, under the guidance of the Olympic spirit and with concerted efforts of all sides, we will deliver a streamlined, safe and splendid Olympic Games for the world.

Canada must stop politicizing sports, stop disrupting and undermining the Beijing Winter Olympics immediately, lest it should lead to self-inflicted humiliation.