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Remarks of the Spokesperson of the Chinese Embassy in Canada on Some Canadian Media’s Hyping up of Boarding Schools in Tibet
2022-02-15 21:08

Recently, some Canadian media once again hyped up the narrative that Tibetan children are forced into boarding schools. We firmly oppose and are strongly dissatisfied with this.

Since the peaceful liberation of Tibet 71 years ago, people of all ethnic groups of the Tibetan region have enjoyed the best education policy, with the right to education fully protected. Tibet is a vast region that accounts for one eighth of China's total land area and is sparsely populated, it was very inconvenient for the students to go to school and for their parents to drop off and pick up their children. To solve this problem, local governments established some boarding schools in some agricultural and pastoral areas, which are safe and convenient for students to attend school and meet the needs of the parents.

Boarding schools are built in strict compliance with relevant construction standards of China and the Tibet Autonomous Region with all kinds of facilities and equipment, and are fully funded by the government. Students there enjoy a fee-free policy that covers tuition, food and boarding expenses. As to whether boarding or not, the choice is entirely made by the students and their parents according to their family situation and educational needs, and there is no such thing as “coercion”, “threat”, or “punishment”. The schools never restrict contact between students and their parents. Boarding students usually attend school from Monday to Friday, and go home on weekends, holidays, winter and summer vacations. They can take time off, and call their parents at any time. The teachers' phone numbers are available to the parents. Communication between students, their parents and the schools is smooth with each other.

The reports of some Canadian media are pure nonsense and a disgraceful denigration of education in China's Tibet. We welcome objective and fair reports about China, but firmly oppose malicious fabrication and lies.

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