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Remarks of the Spokesperson of the Chinese Embassy on the Wrong Comments Related to China by the Canadian Prime Minister
2023-05-03 21:07

Recently, during his visit to the US, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau maliciously denigrated the human rights situation in China and alluded that China used so-called "slave labour" to produce lithium. His words disregarded facts and confounded black with white. The Chinese side expresses its strong dissatisfaction and resolute opposition to this.    

The so-called "slave labour" and "forced labour" are not in China, but in the US, Canada and other Western countries. According to statistics, between 1525 and 1866, more than 12.5 million Africans were shipped to the Americas for forced labour. Even today, the US is still fraught with serious forced labour. The US academic institution disclosed that there are currently at least 500,000 people living under modern slavery and forced labour in the US. Canada is no better than its neighbour. Over the past hundred years, many black and indigenous people in Canada had been forced into slavery. Some cities even had auction blocks where enslaved people were sold. Therefore, the false assertions like "slave labour" and "forced labor" best summarize the poor track record on human rights in the Western countries, including the US and Canada. The Canadian Leader's remarks concerning China are like a thief crying "stop thief".

The Chinese people have the best say in the human rights situation in China. China secured a historical success in eradicating absolute poverty, and the 1.4 billion Chinese people, now live a moderately prosperous life. Average life expectancy is increased to 78.2 years. China has put in place the world's largest system for education, social security, health care and community-level democracy. The Chinese people now have a more complete and lasting sense of fulfillment, happiness and security and see every aspect of their life improved. This is an undeniable truth for all impartial persons.

By linking China's lithium production with "slave labour", the Canadian politician is essentially engaging in political manipulation and economic coercion under the pretext of human rights, and seeking to undermine China's prosperity and stability and contain China's development. Canada styles itself as a "human rights judge and lecturer", but chooses to turn a blind eye to its own serious human rights issues. The indigenous children were seriously persecuted in Canada's history and the systemic racism is so entrenched in the Canadian society. Anti-Muslim, anti-African and anti-Asian remarks and incidents, and other religious and racial discriminations frequently occur. With such a woeful record, what right does Canada have to judge the human rights situation in China? 

We urge Canada to take a hard look at itself in the mirror, deeply repent its wrongdoing, and take concrete steps to address its own serious human rights problems. Meanwhile, the Canadian side should respect facts, set aside prejudice, and stop denigrating maliciously the human rights situation in China, otherwise Canada will certainly take the consequences.

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