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Li Ganjie presents at the second China-Canada Environment Ministers' Dialogue and the first China-Canada Ministerial Dialogue on Climate Change
2018-11-06 23:58

The second China-Canada Environment Ministers’ Dialogue and the first China-Canada Ministerial Dialogue on Climate Change were held in Beijing on Nov. 1. Minister Li Ganjie and Minister of Environment and Climate Change Canada Catherine McKenna presented at the dialogues. The two sides had in-depth exchanges on the latest policies, the progress, and the bilateral cooperation in the areas of environment and climate change, and the bilateral cooperation under the framework of the CCICED.

Minister Li shared China’s achievements in the development of ecological civilization over the past few years and the work progress in the ecological and environmental protection and climate change. The year 2018 is a hallmark in the history of China’s ecological and environmental undertaking, as marked by the success of the national conference on ecological and environmental protection, which has officially identified the Xi Jinping Thought on Ecological Civilization and made systematic deployments on comprehensively strengthening the ecological and environmental protection and putting up an uphill fight against pollution in the near future. The Ministry of Ecology and Environment, a new Cabinet department following the massive government reshuffle this year, are also responsible for the climate change and marine environmental protection. Also, efforts have been made to advance the modernization of the ecological and environmental governance systems and capacities. In the near future, we will center on the ecological and environmental improvements, and resolutely put up the tough fight against pollution, in particular, the seven hallmark battles, by winning the blue sky defense battle and putting up the uphill battles for the control of the pollution by diesel-fueled freight trucks, the treatment of dark and odorous waters in the urban areas, the integrated Bohai Sea management, the conservation and restoration of the Yangtze River, the protection of the source waters, and the control of the pollution in the agricultural sector and the rural areas. Furthermore, we will strengthen the weak points, enhance the people’s sense of gain, sense of happiness, and sense of security, and provide green support for completing the building of a moderately prosperous society.

Ecology and environment marks one of the major areas of bilateral cooperation between China and Canada, noted Li. China is looking forward to working with the Canadian side to maintain this tie. He hoped that the two sides would, building on further cooperation, explore new potentials for cooperation, make full use of the cooperation outcomes, and make new strides through other platforms including the CCICED and China-Canada Joint Committee for Environmental Cooperation.

As for the climate change, over the past few years, China has proposed and acted upon climate change goals, worked on better climate policies, strategies and governance systems, made steady progress in developing the carbon emission right trading markets, and introduced the GHG control as one of the indicators for the performance evaluation of provincial governments, said Li in his talks. Also, China has piloted low-carbon growth and adaptation and gained multiple benefits in advancing the higher-quality economic and social development, pollution reduction, environmental improvement, and better health indictors of the people. In the next move, China will continue to adopt strong climate change measures to make sure the action goals are met.

The governments of the two countries have attached great importance to the climate change issue and promoted the international cooperation in this arena, said Li. One example is the joint declaration of the two governments on climate change and cleaner growth announced in Beijing last December.

The two countries enjoy solid foundation and fruitful outcomes for bilateral cooperation, said Madame McKenna. Canada has made useful explorations in the marine environment protection, biodiversity conservation, environmental compliance inspection, climate change, and carbon reduction. She hoped to work with the Chinese side to further the cooperation under the framework of the CCICED and contribute to the global sustainability.

Later, the two sides signed an MOU on climate change cooperation.

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