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China issues travel alert to Canada as ties sink over Ottawa's move on HK
2020-07-06 23:41

The Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Monday issued a travel alert to Canada, citing Canada's domestic protests at a time when bilateral relations further wane over Canada's suspension of an extradition treaty with Hong Kong.

The foreign ministry and Chinese Embassy in Canada warned Chinese nationals to pay attention to the safety situation in Canada, and be cautious to travel to the country where incidents of police brutality have sparked protests. 

Canada announced Friday that it was suspending its extradition treaty with Hong Kong, and will no longer permit exports of sensitive military items to the city, given the recently enacted national security law for Hong Kong. Additional measures, including those related to immigration, are being considered by Canada, media reported.

China expressed strong condemnation against the moves, and reserves the right to take further measures, and Canada should bear all the consequences, Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian told Monday's routine press conference. 

Canada's actions ignored the fact that the national security law for Hong Kong helps the "one country, two systems" principle remain steady and reach further. These actions violated international law and the basic principles of international relations, and are a blatant interference in China's domestic affairs, Zhao said. 

The Chinese government is strongly determined to safeguard its national sovereignty, security and development interests, and to fight foreign interference in Hong Kong affairs, Zhao said, noting that any plot to pressure China will not succeed. 

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