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MPs call Canada racist, hypocritical failure in farewell speeches
2021-06-22 03:11


Some members of the Parliament of Canada have slammed the country as a racist, hypocritical failure, a Canadian newspaper has reported.

During an official farewell speech to the parliament on June 15, MP for Nunavut Mumilaaq Qaqqaq excoriated Canada as a country built on the oppression of indigenous people, with its history "stained with blood," according to The Globe and Mail.

"The reality is that this institution and the country has been created off the backs, trauma and displacement of Indigenous People," she told the House of Commons.

Also during the farewell, Bloc Quebecois MP Simon Marcil blasted Canada's treatment of indigenous people, saying that the notion of Canada as a progressive, environmentally friendly, egalitarian and democratic country is false on all fronts.

A reported discovery of the remains of 215 indigenous children at a former residential school in western Canada has recently shocked Canadian people.

The discovery and the killing of four members of a Muslim family in London of Canada's Ontario province earlier this June are stark reminders of the "long journey" ahead to achieve true equality and inclusiveness, said Liberal MP Navdeep Bains during the farewell. Enditem


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