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Watch Adventures On Dragon Boat Festival 2022 Together
Experience The Festival In A Novel Way
2022-06-03 05:04

This year on the Chinese lunar calendar, June 3 is the fifth day of the fifth month, which marks Dragon Boat Festival. The festival originated in China more than two millenniums ago and takes some other names such as Duanwu Festival and Duanyang Festival. Its importance roots in the rituals Chinese observe to ward off ill-fortune and to commemorate ancestors. Dragon Boat Festival has been inscribed on the UNESCO list of world intangible cultural heritage and is one of the four most important festivals in China, observed together with Chinese New Year, Tomb-sweeping Festival and Mid-autumn Festival.

In order for you to experience Dragon Boat Festival in a novel way, we now present a variety show titled as Adventures on Dragon Boat Festival, a production of Henan Television. Please enjoy! 

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