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Chinese Embassy Spokesperson's Remarks
2020-04-19 21:34

Recently, the Macdonald-Laurier Institute published the so-called open letter, falsely claimed that the roots of the pandemic are in a cover-up by China, carried out malicious slander and attacks on the Communist Party of China and the Chinese government, and grossly interfered in China's internal affairs. The Chinese side expresses its firm opposition over such actions by the MLI.

After the domestic outbreak of the COVID-19, the Chinese Government, under the strong leadership of the Communist Party of China, has adopted the most comprehensive, rigorous, and thorough measures, and effectively brought the outbreak under control within a short time. By doing so, China has not only protected the life and health of the Chinese people but also won precious time for the rest of the world to fight the pandemic. In an open, transparent, and highly responsible manner, China immediately reported the epidemic to WHO, shared the genome sequencing of the virus with other countries, and launched international cooperation among pandemic prevention experts. The timeline of China's response to the pandemic is very clear, and the international community has acclaimed China's efforts. While China and the international community, including Canada, are fighting against the pandemic, it is immoral for the MLI to spread the so-called "China's cover-up", and there must be an ulterior motive behind this.

The MLI claimed itself to be an independent think tank. However, it has long been collaborating with anti-China forces such as the "Taiwan Independence" forces and the anti-humanity, anti-society and anti-science Falun Gong cult, and has frequently attacked and smeared China. The MLI has always taken a politically malicious view of China and never cared about whether or not it is objective, fair, or accurate. We urge the MLI to abide by the professional ethics, focus on the work a think tank is supposed to do, refrain from politicizing the research work, and give up anti-China nonsense.

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