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2019-08-28 10:29

I. The Chinese Visa Application Service Center

All ordinary visa applications (including China Hong Kong and Macao visas) should be submitted to the Chinese Visa Application Service Center (CVASC) . The related information of the CVASC in Ottawa is provided as follows:

1. Office address

Suite 1450, 220 Laurier Avenue W., Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

2. Office hours

Monday-Friday (except Chinese and Canadian public holidays)

Application Submission: 9:00 -- 15:00(For rush service, application should be submitted before 11:30am)

Payment and Passport Collection: 9:00 --16:00

3. Contact information

Phone: 613-5638 472

Fax: 613-5638 473



II. Consular Section of the Chinese Embassy

The diplomatic, service (special or official) passport holders should submit their visa applications directly to the Chinese Embassy or Consulates General. The related information of the Embassy of the People's Republic of China in Ottawa is provided as follows:

1. Office Address

515 St. Patrick Street, Ottawa, Ontario K1N 5H3

2. Office Hours

9:00--11:30(Application Submission), Mon-Fri( Except Holidays )

9:00--12:00(Payment and Collection), Mon-Fri( Except Holidays )

3. Contact information

Tel: 613-4550117(3:30pm-5:30pm by operator, during the rest of the day by auto-attendant)

Fax: 613 -789 1414